Design and Manufacture of
Advanced Production Systems


Smart Augmented Reality System for Assistive Industrial Assembly


The SARAA project aims to develop a new assistive concept for manual assembly in industry. Human operator will be assisted through automated visual tracking and augmented reality, in order to “zero” assembly errors in peripheral machines (poka-yoke approach). The system will be applicable in industrial environments and particularly, in automotive industry, in the assembly of inserts on panels (where operations such as screwing, clipping, gluing or riveting are required). The system will include several IR positioning devices placed on the working area for real-time tracking the different operator tools. Moreover, one or more digital projectors will add synchronized spatial information onto the mounting panel, concerning sequence of actions, timing, tightening, etc. The proposed system aims two more objectives. On the one hand, it will serve as a training system for novel workers, guiding them through multimedia information. On the other hand, the system will collect data about cycle times, tool positions, operations, etc. for further traceability analysis. This development will be focused in a low maintenance cost and fast return of investment approach.


  • CARTIF (Collaborator)


Ministerio de Economía y Competitividad

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