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Water purification system by means of capacitive processes and the use of nanomaterials


PROINGESA is leading an innovative Research project to create a water purification system by means of capacitive processes and the use of nanomaterials (WW CDI).


Water is more and more a limited resource and the efforts made in the research and improvement of treatment systems, are higher every time. One of the critical points in the existent treatment technologies is the energy consumption. The capacitive deionization comes up as an alternative of high interest since it is a purification system of low energy consumption, directly competing with other existent technologies like reverse osmosis.



The process is based on the supercapacitor technology. The ions that we want to eliminate are hold by electro-adsorption and the system is loaded as a capacitor. Once the electrodes are saturated, we move to the regeneration stage in which the stored energy is released and can be regained by means of an external electric circuit.


The project’s fundamental purpose is the development of the supercapacitors’ materials and components of high performance, based on the use of nanomaterials, in order to be incorporated in deionization modules. Thanks to this technology we want to reduce the amount of energy required by the traditional water purification systems.


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  • IMDEA Energía.
  • IMDEA Agua. 
  • Ur-Water (EEUU).  


The project has been financed by Fondo Europeo de Desarrollo Regional (FEDER) and Junta de Castilla y León.


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