Design and Manufacture of
Advanced Production Systems


The principal basis of our activity is research and development as a continuous practice. R&D activities have maintained us at the technological vanguard and allowed us to progress towards new lines of business.


At present we are immersed in new R&D projects of high interest which pursue the development of industrial technologies to improve the processes:


  • ROBOMED: Mobile Robot System for Transport and Distribution of Medicines in Hospitals.
  • WATER PURIFICATION BY MEANS OF CAPACITIVE PROCESSES (WW CDI): process of water purification by means of capacitive processes.
  • REM: Multi-purpose Electrochemical Reactor for energy and environmental applications, with special application to flux batteries.
  • ADECAR: Application of Capacitive Deionization to Sewage.
  • TRAZAMED: Integral advanced system of traceability for medicines in hospitals.
  • SARAA: Augmented reality intelligent system for learning and industrial assembly operations.
  • 3DCONS: New manufacturing processes by 3D printing


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